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December 8, 2020
Hello Skin Hifu Mini Machine
December 8, 2020

Hello Body Weight Loss Hifu Body Slimming Device


 Portable Hello Body Weight Loss Hifu Slimming Device

Product parameter
Product name 2020 Mini portable Lipo hifu Hello body 200 dots Ultrasound 8.0mm 13.0mm hifu body slimming
Frequency 4MHZ
Depth 0.8-1.3cm
Power AC110-220V
Output power 24W
Function weight loss
Product size 6.8*6.8*19.8cm
Package size 35*23*11cm
Weight 2.0kg
Warranty 12 months

Use Principles

It is a new-generation slimming, body-shaping, and weight losing instrument developed by introducing the latest American slimming technology. It not only inherits such features as large as significant efficacy, safety without wounds, deep grease removal, and no recovery period but also has such features as small size & portability, easy operation, safety for use, and comfortable experience, making people safely and comfortably. Adopt the HIFU focusing ultrasonic wave technology with focused treatment, take effect in subcutaneous 0.8cm/ 1.3cm deep position, interfere the thermal cells of subcutaneous adipose tissue, permanently destroy the subcutaneous fat with heat, directly reduce the amount of fat, stimulate the contraction and synthesis of collagen, quickly fill into the gap after reducing fat, and make skin smooth, moist and firm.

Taboos people

  1. People with head and neck fat depth less than 8mm are not allowed to use.
  2. Women in physical period.
  3. Beast feeding period.
  4. Pregnant women.
  5. Body with metal, plastics, silicon inside.
  6. Who with pacemaker such medical devices.
  7. People with abnormal fat metabolism.
  8. People with liver damage, abnormal coagulation function.
  9. People with skin allergies or inflammation.
  10. People with sensitive skin or skin infection.
  11. People below 12 years old.
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