January 2, 2020
January 2, 2020



L-Carnitine 2g/5ml Loss Weight Injection Fat Away
1. Explanation – main function
-V improves the contour lines
-Playback effects
-Skin elasticity
-Cellulite Improvement
02. Explanation – Features and Effects
03 . Explanation – How to use
Evenly apply the entire amount of a vial of VLine (5ml).
Massage along the chin line with AMTS for complete aborption.
The effects can be amplified in wrinkled areas if allowed to penetrate into the muscle layer.

Application period: 3~4 days with ATMS, 15 days otherwise.
1 Company capacity : 1.5ml, Usage: Use 0.4ml at 1cm intervals.
You can expect better results by using it before sleep.

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