January 2, 2020
PDO Threads
January 2, 2020



Sterile Polydioxanone Suture with Needle (PDO) ODM/OEM
SINA PDO thread lift is long lasting premium lifting thread made of PDO (Polydioxanon) which is absorbable to skin. The thread proliferate collagen by stimulating fibroblast. It brings natural and dramatic effects of face contouring, and skin elasticity more than 2years.
Face lifting and body lifting with PDO with needle is an effective method for prevention of age-related skin changes and sagging of soft tissues.

This lifting method gives excellent aesthetic results without traditional surgery.

By this simple therapy, our body will produce collagen and lift a skin.

It is not only lifting a skin but also including foreign body reaction so that it improves the blood circulation for elastic skin and eliminate wrinkles naturally.

By inserted suture thread into the area required to surgical, it causes an artificial wound, and it induce healing effect for improving and creating treatment of the skin.

upper and lower contraction which is between skin and muscle, or skeletons, causes lifting effect in that loosed skin change be tight. When it located in solid tissue; near bones or ligament, the fixed tissue has stronger adhesion effect to the skin.

PDO suture: Mono, Single Screw, Double Screw, Twin, Cog Screw, Cog Pro series, Master gear.

PLLA suture: Mono, Single screw, Double screw and Cog pro III.
[Product Specification]



Indian band & tear trough

Lower eye lid

Anterior cheek

Pre-jowl sulcus

Wide nasal base

[Product Details]
– Benefits

Easy, Effective, No downtime, Long lasting(more than 2 years)

– Features

Ultra thin wall, Qualified PDO thread, Patented, CE class 3

– Effects

Lifting, Skin rejuvenation, Wrinkle removal, Reduction of cellulite

– Mechanism

Production of the collagen in response to the presence of the foreign body (thread) and

mechanical injury (by needle) stimulate and increases metabolism and blood flow to the

treated area.

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