January 2, 2020
OEM HA Fillers
January 2, 2020



Neuramis Volume Sodium Hyaluronate Gel 1ml
Spe: 1cc/box
Size: fine line/ medium derm/ deep dem
Neuramis provides 3 values
SAFETY: Non-animal hyaluronic acid produced in microbial fermentation.

LONG DURATION: Cross-linked in highly stable form of HA

EFFECTIVENESS: immediately visible results after application

Neuramis is ENHANCED SECURITY The non-animal origin of the HA, from microbial fermentation ensures your safety.

It has to molecular weight, EDQM and FDA approved US is totally reliable and trustworthy. LONG LASTING EFFECT 2 binding process steps Neuramis庐 ensures the long duration of effect. HIGH SATISFACTION Patients are satisfied with the natural results immediately after treatment.

Neuramis Hyaluronic Acid Deep (20mg / ml)
2 needles (27G x 1/2)
Deep Neuramis庐 is designed to correct deep wrinkles and facial contours.
Treatment area with Neuramis

*Wrinkle treatment
: nasolabial folds, forehead lines, glabellar frown lines, marionette lines, temples, etc.

*Facial Augmentation

: forehead augmentation, earlobe augmentation, lip volume, nose, cheeks, chin, etc.

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