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January 2, 2020
January 2, 2020



Human Placenta Injections Human Placental Tissue fluid
Human placenta contains numerous nutrition and vitamins essentials for a fetus to grow, as a mother raise them through their placentas for about 10 months. Placenta Extracts is the formula that extracted from placenta of human.
There are proteins, amino acid, vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to our body.
[Specification] Each 2ml, 100mg / vials.
[Storage] 2 ~ 8 Degrees Celsius stored.
[Ingredients] human placental tissue after acid hydrolysis mixture.
Indications This product is mainly used for the treatment of gynecology, dermatology chronic inflammation; surgical adhesions, scar contracture, as well as bronchitis and other chronic diseases.

[Dosage usage]: intramuscular injection.

Dosage: General daily or every other day injections once each 2ml, 30 times as a course of one week interval between each treatment (or compliance).

Adverse reactions are no adverse reactions.
Taboo is not clear.

[Note] This product is subject to a foreign body or shake lingers precipitation can not be used. The fever during women’s menstrual period can not be used.

[Specification] Each 2ml, 100mg / vials.

[Storage] 2 ~ 8 Degrees Celsius stored.

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