1. If the hyaluronic acid injection filler safe?
Of course. The hyaluronic acid is natural polysaccharide present in the skin, in the subcutaneous and in the connective tissues acting as important structuring element, and equally in the synovial tissue and synovial fluid. the hyaluronic acid is one of the few substances having an identical form in all living organisms.
2. If the Botox works well and the customs trouble.
Once the Botox did not work due to transportation reason, we will reship new parcel to you.
3. How to ship the Botox?
Botox wrapped within ice bag into the keep temperature carton outside.
4. Shipping method and lead time.
Usually, we can ship BTX EMS to most countries within 1-2work days. If you elect DHL or FedEx and other express the time in transit needs 3-4days. PDO/PLLA thread need to order in advance 15days.
5. About OEM / ODM.
According to your demand we can supply labels printer, boxes and outside design. The outside boxes and labels can ship to you separately.
6. The shipping and return policy.
We will elect the compatible express company according your area and customs policy and the clients receive the cargo smooth as much as possible. If we make sure the cargo was taken in customs or missing, we will reship the new parcel to your new address by another channel or refund.